Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

 Welcome to mid week! Today is my mom's birthday, so I hope you'll indulge me as I send her a "virtual" birthday cake! I wish I could be with her today to celebrate, but since I know she faithfully reads my blog, I hope that this will let her know I'm thinking about her!
Are we ever too old for a birthday cake? I don't think so!

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Monogram Monday

Did you stay up and watch all of The Oscars last night? If're probably rubbing your eyes a bit this morning, wishing you could hop back in bed! 

Speaking of beds....I have been dreaming, wishing and hoping for some beautiful Leontine Linens of my own for many years. Both of my sons have monogrammed bedding (they could honestly care less) but my own bed lay bare of any letters and my linens have gotten, well...tired.

So, I have finally convinced my husband that this is a good investment! Here is what I was eyeing.

And, here are the 2 monograms that I narrowed it down to. I love them both, so before deciding, I went to my most trustworthy, design savvy source. My 11-year old son. 

Which one do you like best?! I promise to share what I selected as soon as the bedding arrives.

Until then....wishing you sweet dreams and a catnap if you stayed up too late!

images: leontine linens

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Flowers - Peony on Paper

Here's the first blush of Spring in the form of Dempsey & Carroll's newest offering. And, based on the monster storm that is cruising across the country, I think we could all use a little harbinger of Spring!

Notecards, notepads (love the price), desk calendar (love the croc)...available mid March. 

And some fun links for your weekend:
Homemade sprinkles make for a fun activity and custom cupcakes!
This fashionista blogger celebrates her wedding shower at one of my fav lunch spots in Dallas!
Designer Jan Showers has her showroom sale Feb 25- Mar 1!
Want to get more things done? Check out this series for inspiration!

Wishing you beautiful blooms for the weekend!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Easy Oscar Party

Have you seen many of the films nominated this year for Best Picture? I've only seen one...Argo...and thought it was great. But, I've heard great things about Silver Linings Playbook, so I'm expecting some wins for that one.

It's fun to guess who might win I was thrilled to find these free downloads here
Whether you're watching with a friend, a group or just the family, print out the voting ballet, make some popcorn and imagine what you'd say if your name was called! 

Who do you predict for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director?!

Monday, February 18, 2013

How the President Rolls

Happy President's Day!! Are you one of the lucky ones who has the day off? I hope so!

I was wondering what was happening around the White House this week...and it turns out that this Thursday, February 21st is the opening of the lottery for the 2013 Easter Egg Roll. Anyone in the country can register for the online lottery here...and it's free. 

I love these photos from the Easter Egg Roll in the 1920s.
Regardless if you make it to D.C., you can purchase one of the wooden keepsake Easter eggs. They will be available this Thursday at 10am. What a fun item to add to an Easter basket for someone you love. It'll last longer than the chocolate ones!
 How's your week rolling along?

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fashion: Kotur

Spring is right around the corner....and one of the quickest ways to add oomph and color to an outfit is with an accessory! One of my favorite sources is Kotur clutches. With high end impact, their price point is more accessible than many of the designer bags out there.

Ever notice the type of bag Princess Kate always carries? A clutch. It gives you something to, well...clutch. And, sometimes we all need a little something to hold onto in social situations.

Give last year's dress and your confidence a boost with one of these chic little bags! Here are some of my Spring 2013 favorites!

With one of these beauties, you'll have your Spring the bag!!

Wishing you a stylish weekend!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Thyself

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Cupids day. 

Perhaps you're one of the lucky few who will have rose petals laid out on your bed in the shape of a heart....but for the rest of us, I say "love thyself!".  Never wait on someone else to treat you to the things you want and desire. That goes for an experience you want to have, a trip you want to take or a bottle of perfume or piece of jewelry you've been eyeing. 

Lucille Ball said it well, "Love yourself first and the rest will fall into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."

In case you are wanting to spoil yourself a little, here are some fun ❤ day related items that won't break the bank!

Or...treat yourself to some simple pleasures. A candle lit bubble bath. A heart pumping workout that you've been afraid to try. Whatever you and treat yourself special today, tomorrow and every day!

Monday, February 11, 2013

What Strikes My Fancy

This girl is on fire!!! (Couldn't resist a Grammy shout out to one of my favorite artists, Alicia Keys). Actually, I seem to be lighting things up a lot lately. Candles. Fireplaces. When everything outside my windows is swathed in white and the temps just won't climb....the flicker of fire is comforting, soothing, warming.

And what is striking my fancy these days are these old fashioned match strikers. They seem so old Hollywood and elegant to me. As well as little sculptural works of art. won't you light my fire? What's striking your fancy these days?
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