Monday, December 2, 2013

The Dash through December

Welcome to December!! Can you believe that we just finished stuffing ourselves, as well as the turkeys, and now it's time to wrap those gifts, mail those cards and find something with an elastic waist to wear to all the holiday parties?!

My hats are off to those of you who have already mailed your holiday cards. You must be feeling really GOOD about now!

To get us all in a little holiday spirit, I thought I'd share some of what I've seen. These first 2 shots are from the famed 7th floor of Bergdorf Goodman. Just walking through there will get you in the spirit.
With no time to waste, we got our tree yesterday. The Moyer boys were quite happy to help. Miss Molly was along for the ride.
 My youngest still believes in Santa. Amazing, but true. 
 Magnolia leaves. A must have for my holiday decor.
Some of my favorite gift wraps from last year, to inspire me to start wrapping! I really do believe the presentation is part of the gift.
And, for all of my dear friends celebrating the "Festival of Lights"…I hope that your Hanukkah has been full of joy. And, speaking of bright lights….the amazing Christopher Spitzmiller is having his annual sale this week. 
So, dash away, dash away, dash away all…..there's a lot to do this month!

images: all by ppt


Karena Albert said...

Dear Elizabeth,
Your boys and Molly are too cute and I love that your youngest still believes in Santa. I love seeing all of the holiday beauty at Bergdorfs!

The Arts by Karena

I Dream Of said...

Elizabeth, I'm feeling festive just looking at all your fun holiday highlights! I'm glad your son still believes - I hope that we all still hang on to a little bit of Santa's magic even as we get older. We managed to get our tree yesterday but it's still bare - time to bust out the decorations today. I'll be singing Christmas songs at the top of my lungs while I deck our halls! Happy December! XOXO

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Happy December, Elizabeth! That is such a cute photo of your boys and Miss Molly!! I hope your youngest believes in Santa for a long time - I did :) We're putting up our tree this week. Look forward to seeing yours. xo Loi

Leslie said...

LOVE the magnolia leaves:) and just put a swag on my mantel. Darling photos of the kids and Molly is so sweet. Enjoy the season.. the kids grow up way too fast!

Debra Phillips said...

indeed, how did we get to december! i am in retail therefore, like the cobbler's children, nothing has been done here on a personal level.
your boys are darling elizabeth! and i love that the magic of believing is still in your home
merry christmas season!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Your photos are gorgeous...and the ones of your boys are priceless. I LOVE that your son still believes - what a sweetie!

I am looking forward to Friday - I will e-mail you to confirm details. xoxo

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