Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Decor

Who doesn't want a happy home? 

When you inject a dose of the happiest color out there - Yellow - you're sure to smile. And, that is definitely the case with the home of designer, Denise Davies...half of the design team known as D2 Interieurs

Denise worked with her design partner and color expert, Kerri Rosenthal, to inject a lively color palette into her Weston, CT home. Check out the article in New England Home for more details!
Kerri's latest artwork...the "drippy" heart. Might have to have one of these!! Talk about happy art!
If you're looking for a design team with a sunny disposition and a fearless flair for color, contact Denise and Kerri! 

What does your home say about you?
images: Michael Partenio for New England Home


The enchanted home said...

How can all that uplifting color not make you happy! Wishing you a wonderful day Elizabeth...

I Dream Of said...

I love yellow! It's like adding a little sunshine. Hope you are having a bright and happy week! XOXO

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

It is definitely a cheerful house...I am not 100% sure about the neon front door, but I love the rest!

Enjoy your day today, is supposed to be gorgeous out there (now I remember why I love fall!) xoxo

Dumbwit Tellher said...

From what I've seen Denise and Kerri would be incredibly fun people. You can't design like that and be dull! Rooms that speak personality and life speak to me.

Thank you Elizabeth, so fun to see!


Stitchfork said...

Would wake up smiling there every day!

Stephanie said...

Love D2! Such a talented team- I get all my daily inspiration from them on their pinterest too..



Thank you for the feature! You ladies should check my website, we'll be launching our blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Just checked your website and signed up for notifications. Can't wait to see your blog! @D2Interieurs

The Buzz Blog said...

We were so happy to be there when this dynamic duo won an A-List award last week for a kid's room they designed. They really do infuse their projects with happy colors!
C + C

carolyn bradford said...

Definitely a happy, happy post! Thanks for sharing it! This is how I feel whenever our artists bring us new pieces to sell at the shop! Art just speaks to people in so many different ways but they buy it because it makes them HAPPY!

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