Friday, June 14, 2013

I Love London

Great Expectations is more than a title by Dickens. It describes how I felt about the family trip I had planned to London last week. Luckily, our story has a happy ending. London met all our expectations...and then some.

We just returned and I'm still adjusting to this time zone, so I'll share my favorite places and travel resources in another post, but I wanted to share some photographic highlights of our week. We did it all from the London Eye, to the Crown Jewels...Changing of the Guards to Churchill's war rooms, Shakespeare at The Globe to Afternoon tea. Something for everyone.
And, we didn't pull out our umbrellas once. Thanks, London, for the sights, the hospitality and the sun! It was more than I ever expected!
Every great story has an element of surprise. For me that was getting to meet fellow Texan (now Londoner) and blogger, Lauren, of Aspiring Kennedy and her little lady, Viola, on my last day in London! 

Now, back to lemonade, fireflies and sandcastles!

What are your expectations for this summer?


The enchanted home said...

Fun! So happy to hear you had a great time..welcome back. The highlights looked like you covered it all, look forward to hearing more.And how fun to meet a fellow blogger and "assistant", so cute!
Glad you are back Elizabeth:)

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I have so many similar pictures of London that it brought back great memories. It is such a fun city with so much to do. I'd love to take my kids one day, too.

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Hi Elizabeth! Wow, that went quickly! Your pictures are spectacular - I also have been following along on instagram and can't wait to hear more. I am so happy you had a good time. And, how wonderful that you could meet up with Lauren and the most precious, Viola!

Get some rest and get over the jet lag this weekend...enjoy the sunshine and Father's Day. xoxo

Karen Albert said...

Hi Elizabeth. Thank you so much for these images of London! It was one of my very favorite trips with my late husband, for his 50th birthday!Great memories...

Art by Karena

The Yuppie Files said...

Looks like such a fun trip- I want to get back there badly! And jealous you & Lauren got to meet!

I Dream Of said...

Looks like jolly good fun! Can't wait to hear and see more about it! Enjoy the weekend. XOXO

The Buzz Blog said...

So jealous that not only did you get to see London in the sun but that you met Lauren and Viola!! What fun for all of you, including the boys and what a way to kick off the summer. Hopefully you didn't raise the bar too high for the rest of the summer.
C + C

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Welcome back, Elizabeth!! Your photos are gorgeous!! Really fantastic shots. Especially the ones of the guards. I love London and look forward to visiting this fall.

Intrinsic Beauty said...

I adore London and now you have me thinking about a stop over on my way to Ireland!

hopflower said...

It always makes laugh that people do not understand that English summers are some of the best in the world. England is NOT always rainy, and especially in summer it can be sublime; being neither too hot or cold. You never hear anyone complain about France, where it can be equally rainy anytime of year (except in the south). The two countries are only about 24 miles apart.

Such stereotypes!

So glad you enjoyed yourself, though.

Debra Phillips said...


isn't it wonderful elizabeth!?

can't wait to read each installment of my favorite city in the world

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Bryce just went on a family vacation to London for the Chelsea Flower Show. I couldn't go because of school, but I loved getting to see pictures and hear about all his fun!

pve design said...

London will never be the same! Your photos are amazing and I am so jazzed that you were able to meet Lauren and Viola.
What fun! We are ready for Summer although it has been rather cool - soon enough the heat will be upon us.
Amelia and I will be flying off to Mexico in a week and I am looking forward to it.

Things That Inspire said...

You are so lucky you had good weather - I was there Memorial Day weekend and into the next week, and we had torrential downpours in several days - like nothing I had experienced in London before (drizzle I can handle, but downpours are tough!). I was there for my cousin's wedding, and luckily his wedding day was gorgeous.

So, where will you go next year? I remember you planning the London trip last year!


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