Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spirited Stationery

University of California, Berkeley 
College bowl games have just wrapped. March Madness is on the horizon. And, in the next few months, high school seniors will learn if they are heading North, South, East or West! So, what better time than now for my friend Alexis to introduce her new line of College Spirit Stationery!

At $20 for a set of 10 personalized notecards, which come with a college history tag...this is a gift you should just stock up on for the college kids, college-bound kids or sports fans you know! What a great customized party favor for a graduation party!
 Basketball dynasty, Duke University
 Recent Rose Bowl Champs, Stanford University
Colorado University, Boulder for all those outdoor enthusiasts
 My beloved SMU Mustangs...I was a third generation Mustang
I've got spirit, yes I do, I've got about YOU?! At least, you have a great affordable idea for graduation gifts and the sports fan in your life!

Where is your alma mater?


The enchanted home said...

Cute idea.....does it include that said college bound student will actually write on!
I love writing thank you cards as well as receiving them and hope the tradition will stay alive. Have a great day Elizabeth!

pve design said...

My sons are sophomores and I have yet to get one letter. Texts yes. Phone-calls yes. Notes and letters, not.

Acquired Objects said...

Elizabeth you always find the cutest notecards. Love this idea but in all honesty I think it would be better for the parents then the kids...they don't write. Great idea though and want to get some of my old team....Sun Devils!


pretty pink tulips said...

Good point, moms of teens and college aged kids. I can see not writing "home" but hopefully they'll need some thank you notes for all those graduation gifts! :)

A Perfect Gray said...

these are wonderful, e. they might just push my son to write that thank you note he needs to write. I am passing this goodie along to several friends with college age kids...thanks! donna

Belle on Heels said...

So cute!!

La Dolfina said...

Love these Elizabeth!
My son is going through banking interviews at the moment... I am wondering if these would make good follow up thank you cards?

Stitchfork said...

Gotta love Alexis and her creative talents!

The Buzz Blog said...

How fun! Have a couple of years left here before college but we do know a lot of rowers on their way to some great schools. Do you think boys will ever write a thank you note on their own??
C + C

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

What a cool and thoughtful gift idea....very personal! And well priced. I really like these. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth ~ Loi

Alexis said...

Thanks so much Elizabeth! and thanks for all your SPIRIT...Go Mustangs.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Very cute! I love this idea!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Very cute idea - these would make great graduation gifts!

asher sitter said...

I am a Highschool English teacher and I cant stress enough to my students what a great impression a handwritten note makes. I think this is the PERFECT stationary for my seniors to write their "thank you for the interview " to the admissions office.

Thanks Elisabeth ,this is a real find !!

Asher Sitter

Fashion-isha said...

Boy, you always find the most exclusive and beautiful things. I love discovering them here!

Karen Albert said...

Elizabeth these are just perfect!Love the idea!

2013 Artists Series

I Dream Of said...

Such a clever idea your friend had and so well executed. She did a fantastic job!

Thanks for the reminder to take some time to care for myself. I'm working on it and plan to have my husband hang with my mom tomorrow so that I can sneak back to Seattle for a workout and a massage. It's hard to take the time away, but I know it will do me some good!

I think we're about a month away from some kind of return to "normal". Thanks for keeping my spirits up! XOXO


I love the bison--too cute! Although I must say I'm lucky if Carter remembers to pick up his cell phone at school! Hope your'e have a great week! xxBarbara

Suburban Princess said...

Adorable! Such a great idea! But you know...I really want to see it tied with custom, matching ribbon!

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