Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year, 2013!!

Happy New Year, everyone!!! I've missed you and so excited to share this coming year together. Here are some peeks at my New Year's last year...because I was asleep by 10:30pm on New Year's Eve. I think it was a telling way to sum up my December. Busy. Fun. Exhausting.
But, that sleep served me well when I joined the reSOULution spin class at Soul Cycle yesterday (New Year's Day) morning for a double ride. That's 2 classes. One right after the other. And, it felt amazing. I've been thinking about how and where I want to focus my time and energy this coming year. Here, with you, is definitely one of them. As is wellness....of mind and body. Somehow, I let them both slip. Little by little. So, I will also be practicing patience. 

I'm ready. Excited. To make this an amazing year. 
How about you? What are you plans? I'll be here cheering you on, no matter what your dreams. We can do this!!!

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New England Fine Living said...

Happy New Year! My focus will be on my newly blended family, getting back to healthier habits, and taking my business to the next level helping local small business owners.


pve design said...

Happy New Year! I need to stop spinning and take time to look at the world around me, as in the dismantling of the holiday decorations and the work on my table.
That said, I have wanted to take a class at Soul cycle or get my trainer back....You inspire me to "do it"-

Carole said...

Happy New Year, Eluzabeth. xo

The enchanted home said...

Happy new year to you. I am all for moving ahead, improving and growing and I think the key is to be realistic and practical with our goals....the super lofty ones often seem to get abandoned in a month or two whereas the realistic ones have a real chance, so cheers to achieving all we set out to do and hoping that 2013 will be one fabulous year!

Lili said...

happy new year elizabeth!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Hi, Elizabeth ~ Happy New Year! 2 spinning classes? You're a trooper :) We just got an elliptical machine at home. Getting ready to go on it soon. Cheers to 2013!
Very best,

quintessence said...

Happy New Year Elizabeth!! I think I'd have a heart attack after two spin classes in a row but I like your attitude!! Here's to fresh ideas, good health and learning something new every day - it's what keeps us young!

La Dolfina said...

I love your energy and optimism!
Count me in!
I too started the new year with a healthy dose of exercise and feel great!!!
Lots of love and best wishes for a wondrous new year!

The Buzz Blog said...

We're making more out of less this year and that means pairing down our to-do list a bit and focusing on what really counts! Family, friends, home - you know the bit. Happy 2013 to you, Elizabeth!
C + C

Suburban Princess said...

Happy New Year!

Amy Vermillion Interiors said...

Happy New Year Elizabeth! I hope to be able to "take care of myself" more this year.
And say no to things I can't possibly do.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours!

Lisa Mende Design said...

Happy New Year Elizabeth!!!

Eesh said...

Happy New Year! 2 spinning classes? Wow! That's amazing! My focus will be on my current business as well as another that I'm working towards launching. I'm also trying to get into fitness. This body needs some discipling!


Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Happy New Year, Elizabeth! Great for you for a double Soul Cycle! I hear they are about to open one in Greenwich...I can't wait to try it! Email me if you want to talk about the destination clubs.


carolyn bradford said...

Happy New Year, Elizabeth! I do my treadmill every day unless I can run or walk outside. But I'm DYING to try a spin class! You've inspired me…I hope! I am so glad we've become friends and I truly appreciate your friendship as well as your encouragement in blogging!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Happy New Year sweetie! My focus for 2013 will be on family,friends and blogging too oh and losing a few pounds for my wedding. =) I got a new cam last year but still need to learn how to use it. So hopefully I will be able to be best of friends with my cam. =)

Fashion-isha said...

I hope your New Year was really amazing!

5th and State said...

this new years i had a sit-down dinner for 18 friends, the theme was paris 1920's, so much fun to plan and host.
my dreams are too many to mention. isn't it fun to enter a new year filled with hopes and dreams?
may all yours come true dear elizabeth!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Happy Happy New Year! I am excited for 2013...just set a weding date! xx

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