Monday, October 29, 2012

Reader Photos

Depending on where you live, you may or may not have power today. We basically prepped all weekend for this storm hitting the NorthEast today. So, in an effort to keep our minds on something light, I wanted to share fun reader photos with you!

These first 2 photos come to us from Jeanne in Seattle. In addition to having great fall decor, Jeanne is an incredibly talented artist and is the voice behind the blog, I Dream Of!!
If you are ever in need of incredibly creative party invitations, party favors, custom stationery, teacher gifts, etc...Alexis in California is your gal. She's always dreaming up something fun and fabulous, which she shares on her blog, JacolynMurphy (a combo of her son and daughter's names...Jack and Carolyn). This year, Alexis is taking the non carving route. You must check out her blog to see her Jackson Pollock pumpkins!!! So creative!
 Linda in Seattle sent this cool vignette. Whooooo doesn't love a wise old owl?!
Real life friend, artist extraordinaire, and blogger of pvedesign, Patricia, sent me this photo of a white pumpkin and porcelain berries she found. She's loving Autumn and morning walks with her sweet dog, Bentley.

 My friend in real life, Natalie, lives in Dallas and tells me that inflatables are the big Halloween decor of choice. And, like most things in Texas....bigger is always better! This one is at Natalie's home...and her sweet pup, Rosie, wears a boo kerchief for the season!
Thank you to all who shared their take on autumn decor! It's always fun to see how people do things around the country.

Wishing everyone along the East Coast a safe next couple of days. I'll be back online on Wednesday, if we have power!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Traditional Home Holiday House: Part 2

Welcome to the weekend and some additional sneak peeks of the Traditional Home Holiday House. Today is opening day!!

I'm a big believer in celebrating birthdays, so I immediately related to Suzanne Eason's room, "Origins of Life", a nod to birthdays. The design, based on the "Double Helix" DNA inspired wallpaper from Trove, creates a classically inspired study filled with objects reminding us of the ebb and flow of birth and life.
The hills came alive with the sound of....."I am sixteen going on 17" when I walked into the "Sweet Sixteen" room designed by the mother/daughter duo of Robyn and Sara Karp! Taking their inspiration for this teenage dream of a room from The Sound of Music, they created a fun, happy place that blends sophistication and whimsy.
Loving both pink and menswear inspired elements, I was immediately swept away by this jewel of a room. "Celebration of a Father" was designed by Diane Guariglia, in memory of her father, a tailor, whom she lost just 2 years ago. Incorporating a brown herringbone fabric wall covering from Phillip Jeffries and pink accents in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, this room bridges the masculine and feminine. The sewing machine and pattern templates belonged to Diane's father. 
In this auspicious "Year of the Dragon", Kentucky based designer, Lee W. Robinson, created a sophisticated party atmosphere in his space, "The Chinese New Year". Dragon motifs, fretwork, malachite wallpaper and antiquities from the Ming and Tang Dynasty made this space feel like a Chinoiserie party palace. And, I'm always drawn to Southern charm, which Lee has in spades!
LOVED these Chinoiserie inspired cocktail napkins, which Lee sourced from Anali.
Finally, I couldn't resist sharing the room that has to be the most "of the moment", "President's Day", by Donald Schermerhorn. Inspired by a traditional and historical men's study, this comfortable space was transformed with a palette of blue, olive and teal, with overlapping patterns and textures....and, of course, a nod to Presidents past. Whoever wins this coming election...I know they would be happy spending time in this cozy retreat. 
Congratulations to all of the amazing designers who were invited to participate in this year's Holiday House. Your creativity, energy, daringness and time are appreciated by all of us whom you inspire and for the cause, Breast Cancer Awareness, that you support.

Looks like Sandy, aka Frankenstorm is headed to the don't wait if you can go this weekend! I'll come away with amazing ideas!

On Monday, I'll be sharing reader photos from around the feel free to send me a photo of your autumn/Halloween/fall decor at

And remember....everyday can be a holiday! There's always something to celebrate.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Traditional Home Holiday House - Preview

Yesterday, I was thrilled to have a chance to preview the 5th Annual Holiday House, sponsored by Traditional Home and benefiting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which was founded by Evelyn Lauder in 1993.

As soon as you walk through the doors, you will see this glorious portrait of Evelyn.
The first room I entered on the ground floor was the striking and nostalgic space designed by Geoffrey Bradfield Inc. and inspired by Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. To my delight, fabric designer, Christopher Hyland was on hand, as his fabric was used throughout the room.
Just as you come up the stairs to your left is a jewel box of a corridor, "An Elegant Affair", designed by Dallas designer, Janet Rice. Don't you love the exquisite hand-painted Gracie wallpaper and the silver paint on the door and trim?! The furniture is from her own line and the chair is named after her 4 year old daughter, Jane! If my hallway looked like this, I'd never leave!
Which leads you into..."Everyday is a Holiday" by the incomparable, Charlotte Moss. The room is designed as a studio apartment for a woman traveler. This is her private refuge, where everyday is a holiday.
Just down the hall I found myself in the glamorous and feminine sitting room by Tobi Fairley, aptly titled "Spring Forward". In honor of the spring equinox and also a play on words for a room that is "fashion forward". I went crazy for this new wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries and love how Tobi tied the pattern into the trim on the curtains. Emerald green vintage Murano lamps act as "jewelry" for the space. And, I always love spotting Dunes and this case their wall sconces were used to flank the fireplace. A nod of pink gives the space the perfect amount of softness and contrast. 
There were many more rooms, but I'm saving some to share with you on Friday. I've been to many show houses and this one is absolutely worth visiting if you are in New York City between October 25th-November 18th. Located at 2 East 63rd St....between 5th and Madison, you're just a hop, skip and a jump from lunch at Fred's (Barneys). So, grab a friend, support a wonderful cause and find inspiration you haven't dreamed of!

What's YOUR favorite holiday?

Monday, October 22, 2012

You Are the Inspiration

Happy Monday!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

Fall has fully arrived here in the Northeast, with the trees tingling with amber and golden hues. I snapped this photo on my walk yesterday afternoon. I love the the puddle of leaves on the ground, as if a reflection of what is up above.

Inspiration is literally all around us...and though I strive to inspire you through my posts each week, I want to turn the spotlight around. 
Last week, I received the above snapshot via text from my friend, Kristine, who lives in Denver. It was accompanied with the words, "You inspired me!" and was referring to a post I had done on autumn decor. It got me thinking....what are all of you up to? I would love to see AND more importantly share your photos on the blog, so that you may inspire others.

Would you please email me at a photo of something you've done to celebrate the current season? Door decor. Outdoor pots. Entry way. Halloween decor. Autumn. Whatever you're proud of and would like to share. 

I can't wait to be inspired by YOU!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wall Flower

With our renovation behind us (along with the dust that accompanies it) and the holidays approaching, I thought it was time I dealt with our bland entryway. Like a typical 1940s home, I have a fairly modest cathedral ceiling, no big open area. Just a narrow hallway and a staircase.

After following the talented team of Tilton Fenwick, who ALWAYS seem to be wallpapering and a consultation with design darling, Lisa, of Hamptontoes....I knew the one thing I could do to give this area some panache was to try wallpaper.

Unlike paint, it's not that easy to change and it is not I have had the paper for a while, but not the nerves. Not until last week.

Here's the BEFORE.
Here's the AFTER, with a Zoffany wallpaper from the Lalika collection. Big, bold wall flowers!
We carried the paper up to the 3rd floor, which really ties things together. There are 11 rooms that feed off the center staircase, so staying with a neutral color way, allowed me to add some interest without overpowering the house.

Relationships with homes are a funny thing....just like relationships with people, they seem to evolve. In this case, I just needed to be willing to go outside my comfort zone.

What's your relationship with your home? How about wallpaper? Love it, leave it or somewhere in between?
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