Sunday, November 4, 2012

Resilience & Perspective: After Sandy

Dear sweet readers and friends, I thought I should check in as my blog has been dark for the past week. That's because we've actually been in the dark. Power went out at 5pm on Monday, Oct 29th and has not come back on. The estimate for when it will return to my town is next Friday-Sunday. It's been a long, cold week. And, another looms ahead. The temps are dropping into the 20s and 30s.

These photos were taken the morning after the storm in my neighborhood, but from all reports, things were even worse in other parts of town. School was cancelled all of last week. Halloween Trick-or-Treating "postponed".

We're the lucky ones. We didn't have any flooding. That is what we feared the most and when I throw another log on our fire, I remind myself I still have a fireplace, unlike our neighbors in Staten Island and New Jersey.
If you've seen gas lines on the is no exaggeration. We are running a few things at our house via a small portable generator, which runs on gasoline. Finding gas every day has been an adventure. When you do find a station that has gas, you wait in a long line, overseen by a police officer. These are interesting times.

Thanks to the kindness of friends who either have power or built in generators (on my Christmas list now), we have warm beds to sleep in, places to do our laundry and invitations for hot meals. Our boys have been amazingly resilient, entertaining themselves and enjoying our many dinners out. But, it is a bit tiring and emotional.

So, I know you'll understand that I won't be posting again until we have electricity.

There are lot of people in desperate need. And, we know....we're the lucky ones.


Stitchfork said...

Thoughts and prayers sent your way Elizabeth. Hang in there! We finally just confirmed that all of our NY and NJ relatives are ok! They have no power & cell phone service, and some have some substantial damages, but we are grateful they made it thru.
Hope the power's up sooner than they say!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Dear Elizabeth -
I'm currently traveling in Scandinavia, and have been watching the news from abroad. But I didn't realize how bad it was. Thank you for the update. Please take care, and stay safe. Sending you best wishes, and hope power returns sooner!!


Glad you and your family are safe......I can't imagine no power for 2 weeks. Thank goodness for neighbors and good friends. Hope you can find a way to stay warm and that you get power soon.

Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

So happy you are safe and well. Your resilience is amazing. Praying for you and your family!

My Notting Hill said...

Will be thinking of you and hoping your electricity will be turned back on a bit earlier than expected. The sentiments in your post are positive and admirable and I would imagine your great kids are modeling themselves after their parents.

I Dream Of said...

Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for taking the time to check in, you've been on my mind! So glad to hear that you and your family is safe, and made it through mostly unscathed. I'm sending lots of warm thoughts your way and hope that this week brings plenty of warmth and connections from those around you to make for the chill and powerlessness as you wait for things to return to "normal." Be safe. XO

pve design said...

Our power came back yesterday and we were at a neighbors home sharing a meal- we screamed when the lights came on! I do hope your power is restored and you feel re-charged getting settled. I do feel so sad for so many that lost everything.
One thing I have learned is that the true character of people comes out in these trying times and i admire the patience of many as well as the graciousness.
Hang in there darlin!

Anonymous said...

You have a great attitude. Blessings to all of you!

Laura Casey said...

I am so glad to hear you all are doing okay and safe. My family is going through much of the same in NJ. All the best to you and your family.

Laura Casey said...

I am so glad to hear you all are doing okay and safe. My family is going through much of the same in NJ. All the best to you and your family.

Lisa Mende Design said...

Elizabeth, I am so happy your family is ok. I know we don't understand the devastation if we weren't affected. I am praying for all in the eye of the storm. Take care! Please know that I am thinking of you even if you are ok, it is still a hardship not to have electricity!

Leslie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leslie said...

I am so sorry to hear about what you have been through. The devastation is horrible and I fear what is to come as the temperatures drop. We live in a mountainous area in the pacific northwest that is prone to terrible wind and rain that has resulted up to 6 days without power (while the temps are in the 30's). We finally broke down and purchased a generator last year..

It's a tough road and really wears on you. As you said.. resistance is important.

My thoughts are with you and your family. Take care.


Christy Davis said...

So glad you are safe and sound!!! Hope you get power sooner than expected Elizabeth!

Hamptontoes said...

Beautifully written posts. Being your neighbor in a close by town your written words are first hand experiences. I went to nine gas stations Thursday and on tenth got gas after a one and a half hour wait (and yes with police officers keeping things orderly.) since Friday at 7:30am I have been in the hospital with daughter. What matters most now, is what matters most always, family and health. The without items are exhausting to be without, but not deal breakers for one's overall happiness. Here's to things returning to normal while you maintain a level of normalcy for your family. xo, Lisa

Fashion-isha said...

This storm has affected so many. I'm glad you're safe and I'm looking forward to hearing you got your power back super speedily!

Bentley Waters said...

i hope you are all ok. chappaqua is such a mess as well. still no school tomorrow, supposably back on tuesday. its been a long week and like you said, we are among the lucky ones. i can't imagine how those on the shore feel. be safe. you're in my thoughts. xo

Things That Inspire said...

Elizabeth, my thoughts and prayers are with all in my old neck of the woods - I grew up in CT, and although I do remember Hurricane Gloria causing some issues, nothing like Sandy's impacts.

- Holly

Leslie said...

.. resilience.. oh goodness! Typing from my phone was a bad idea!

Take care Elizabeth

Vicki said...

I get your enjoyable posts regularly via email although I don't comment often; however, am needing now to wish you and yours well...sending good, healing thoughts and hope from here on the West Coast U.S. as, cursing our hot "Santa Ana" desert winds and the 101-degrees-(F) we had today at 3pm, we remember that others like you are trying to stay warm and not live too primitively amid worry of another approaching storm. I simply can't imagine the kind of weather you've suffered; I've never lived in snow and have only read about nor'easters in books. When we have wildfires and earthquakes out here, East Coasters I suppose are as equally disturbed. Mother Nature gives us pause, doesn't she? I've had tears many times of the past week when watching news reports on TV of the Jersey shore desecration and the mess that is Manhattan, not to mention the destruction on Staten Island and blizzards in the Virginias. So much clean-up to do; lives so disrupted. People barely escaping with their lives and the shirts on their back; prayers for all the lost and hurt domestic pets and wildlife, too. I hope the uneasiness can leave you all soon!

Splendid Sass said...

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you as you go through these horrible days. I am so happy that you are able to stay warm, Elizabeth. I feel so helpless down here, but I am praying for you and all of those affected by Sandy.
Hang in there, and try to have a Happy Monday.

quintessence said...

Elizabeth - my thoughts are with you. We just had our power restored on Saturday night. It is tedious and exhausting but as you say, we were the lucky ones - no damage or flooding. Keeping my fingers crossed that you are reconnected soon!

La Dolfina said...

Dear Elizabeth,

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who have been in Hurricane Sandy's path! Both you and my dear friend Rita who is on the Jersey Shore have shown tremendous grace and courage through this ordeal. I am so glad that you both consider yourselves the lucky ones and are all safe and sound and with your loved ones. Fingers crossed that your power returns any minute.
All my love and prayers...
God Bless,

5th and State said...

i have been concerned at your silence elizabeth. thank God all is relatively well for you and yours

sending prayers. need anything dearest? fed-x is very nearby, i can send anything you might need, really

Privet and Holly said...

Sweet friend, I have had
you on my mind all week
and am so happy to read
that you and your family
are okay! Wish that I could
send power or gasoline
or even sunshine, but since
I cannot, I'm instead sending
love, hugs and a lot of prayers!
Think of the stories that you
and your sons will have to
tell, one day! And I hope
that your polling places will
somehow be open so that
you can vote, tomorrow.....

Sending warmest thoughts,
xo Suzanne

hopflower said...

Glad you are okay and I hope that relief comes to all of you very soon.

Marianne said...

I'm so happy to hear you are OK. Thinking of you all back east and praying for relief very soon. I can't even imagine what it must be like to go through something like this. xo

Valorie Hart - The Visual Vamp said...

As a "New New" - New Orleans/New York I feel for everyone on the East coast.
Glad you are okay. Thanks for your report. Things will get better with each passing day, week, month, and years.
xo xo

Party Resources said...

The destruction and loss is unreal. I am so grateful that both my sisters in NYC are safe and sound. So many of my friends in Chappaqua and Greenwich are in your situation. Parts of Boston were hit hard, but nothing compared to what you all have endured. Best wishes for warm and cozy days ahead! xx


glad to hear you are ok--what an ordeal! So many people displaced and still in the dark--hang in there!

The Zhush said...

Your town looks like our town, still no power here today, and yes very grateful for our generator..for what its worth, there are NO lines for gas in New Canaan! Miss you, stay safe!

The Buzz Blog said...

A generator is definitely making our Xmas list this year after this past week... And the boys have decided to donate their Xmas money to help those who have really suffered in the wake of Sandy. With over 100 electrical poles down in our town, it's been a long slow process here but we've finally seen the light and the boys are back to school tomorrow. Stay safe and sound and big hugs from up the road.
C + C

The Yuppie Files said...

I had been wondering about you! I'm glad to know you're okay but sorry you've been living in the dark. All the devastation has been so terrible and I'm only seeing it on tv.

Feeling very lucky in DC but thinking about everyone who got the brunt of the storm.

Amy Vermillion Interiors said...

Elizabeth…thinking of you! Please know that all of you are in our prayers..

Karen Albert said...

Dear Elizabeth, I am so sorry for all that you family and friends have been through. You are in my heart and prayers always!

2012 Artists Series

zanetastyle said...

hello Elizabeth, it is unreal how the tree came out of the ground with its roots! can't comprehend this.... wishing you a fast recovery to normal! hugs Z

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Oh, Elizabeth, I hope everything gets back to normal for you soon ... it's so difficult when you've lost power, especially with kids ... and my thoughts are so with those that have lost so very much. Sending hugs and wishing they could make it all better for everyone! ~xoSandy

Stacey said...

It has been a nightmare for so many including my Mom (who is in Long Island). They had to recently get a generator and like you, they are still without power. I am thrilled you and your family are fine. Thank goodness for the generosity of neighbors and friends. Stay safe. Love, Stacey

A Perfect Gray said...

just checking back in with you, elizabeth. hoping you are nearing normalcy. thinking of you and your family - with love, donna

carolyn bradford said...

Elizabeth…I am so sorry I am just now seeing this post! I know full well what it's like to go through something like this and guess what? We now have a full time generator! It's the best investment I've ever made! On the other hand, there were many memories made during those weeks of no power with my children! ( the generator is better!) You are in my thoughts and prayers and really have been…I just didn't know specifics…I am soooo sorry you have had to go through this! I am very glad you didn't have flooding, though! That is something I worry about for my daughter in new orleans all of the time! I will keep checking in and praying for life to get back to normal!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

We got off so lucky this time but the destruction was so widespread. I am so soryy to hear and see what your dealing with! I hope you house after all your work is unscathed? Thoughts and prayers with you.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck. I hope that after you clean up, you will have fun replanting your gardens with plants that take full sun. Wet and cold is the worst combo ever
from TX

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