Friday, November 16, 2012

Prepping for a Houseguest

Are you hosting house guests for Thanksgiving? My mom arrives today from Texas and this is what awaits her!!

We always have to toast with a glass of Veuve Clicquet, addig a dash of St Germain. I love my personalized tray from Dabney Lee....sometimes I use it to stack magazines, but tonight it will be the cocktail area.
And, no one....I mean, no one loves my living room as much as my Mom. Sometimes if I can't find her, I know to look in there, where she's curled up with one of my many coffee table books. I will have the fire going when she arrives. Don't you love walking into a home where there's a real fire in the fireplace?
Wishing you a cozy weekend, the last before the mad dash through the holidays. Light some candles and savor the night!


Cheryl said...

Beautiful images. You have motivated me to really "make my list" for a truly beautiful Thanksgiving!!

The enchanted home said...

I love how you roll out the red carpet for your mom...I do the same and take great pleasure in all the small details and gestures. A champagne toast..what a lovely idea!
Enjoy the visit and prepping for the holidays..everything looks so pretty and elegant, and I expected nothing less:)

Lobster meets Peach said...

What better way to "kick-off" the Holidays than with a glass of Veuve!

Marcy said...

You are such a gracious hostess ~ what a lovely and warm presentation for your mom!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

We always knew you were a gracious hostess! But I love how you do it for family as well as guests. So many of us save our best for our friends, instead of family. Beautiful images.

pve design said...

I bet even during an ugly power outage, your home is all aglow and all gussied up. I love your trays and I feel your excitement for your houseguest.
I think I just heard a "pop" and a "clink!"

A Perfect Gray said...

elizabeth, you make me wish I was your guest! enjoy your time with your mom...wishing you the happiest thanksgiving ever. donna

Party Resources said...

Have the best time with your mom and a wonderful Thanksgiving! xx

Stacey said...

Beautiful!! Yes, candles are already lit here:-). XX

I Dream Of said...

Oh, I know you will have so much fun with your mother, from that first sip of champagne. Your home looks so cozy and I can see why she loves to relax in your living room. I think I could happily spend hours there, too. Enjoy your visit, Elizabeth! XOXO

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Your mother is one lucky lady! Such thoughtful plans you have made here. Beautiful, and the roaring fire is perfect!
Have a happy time with your family, Elizabeth.
Happy Friday.

Nancy said...

lovely,what a perfect hostess! Have a wonderful weekend.
xo Nancy

carolyn bradford said...

I love doing special things for my children when they come home! Your mom will love all that you've done and it all looks wonderful! Have fun with her! I love all of your trays by the way!

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering said...

Elizabeth - What a wonderful way to greet your mother! Very posh! I will remember that when my mother arrives on Wednesday. Have a good time with your mother and enjoy your weekend (if you are looking for something to do, The Enchanted Forest is in Greenwich this weekend - it's always very festive!)

Leslie said...

Walking into a home with a warm fire and a little sparkling wine .. doesnt get better than that! How wonderful that your mom feels so at home during her vidit :) I will look forward to welcoming my mom at Christmas time. Can't wait! Enjoy your visit:)

Lisa Herring Mende said...


La Dolfina said...

YOU are Amazing Elizabeth!
I bet you can't wait to wrap your arms around that Mom of yours, especially after all that you have been through with Sandy!!
Enjoy every minute together... happiness is in moments!
Lots of Love and Best Wishes for a fabulous Thanksgiving in your newly upgraded abode :)


Brenda Murphy said...

Blessings to you, especially that you receive your mother so warmly;) Have a lovely weekend!

Marianne said...

You are the best hostess! Have a wonderful time with your mom!

Lyndsey said...

This is beautiful! How could she not relax with such a lovely room? I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with her!


lissyparkerltd said...

Have a wonderful time with your Mom. Everything looks beautiful.
xo, Lissy

The Buzz Blog said...

You are the perfect hostess and daughter, Elizabeth! We know your mother would stay forever if she could - we know we would.
C + C

Christy Davis said...

What a great hostess you are Elizabeth! Have so much fun with your mom and a great weekend!!


Heather@SatisfyingSpaces said...

Your mom is so lucky to get such a special welcome. My mother-in-law is visiting in January. I need to step it up a notch!

Fashion-isha said...

Aww this is so nice. I hope your weekend was cozy! Now I wish you a happy week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

5th and State said...

no guests this year but wish i was coming to YOUR home!
your living room is sumptuous elizabeth, no wonder your mom wants to be there. enjoy your time together!
warm thanksgiving wishes

linda said...

Beautiful images of your home and even more- the loving sentiments behind it.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Things That Inspire said...

I meant to comment on this post, but was out of town when I read it and had trouble commenting through my ipad.

This post has stayed with me, because it truly touched me - I love how you make things so special for your mother. My mother passed away 12 years ago, when my middle daughter was only 6 months old (she is named after my mom), and it is such a loss not to have a mother anymore, particularly as I raise three girls (and particularly during the teenage and pre-teen years!).

I love how you cherish your mother so much and celebrate every visit!

- Holly

Anonymous said...

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