Friday, November 30, 2012

Great Gift Ideas for under $50 - Cook/Baker

Happy Friday! There are gift guides galore, but we all need fresh ideas. Here are a few of mine for the person in your life who is happiest in the kitchen!!
 Create your own cookie making package or order this one from Sur La Table $39.96
 New York Times Bestseller, Smitten Kitchen, by food blogger, Deb Perelman $19.75
A crisp new apron from Martha Stewart for Macy's $14.99
Personalize it by having it monogrammed and/or fill the pockets with new wooden spoons/spatulas!
All-Clad is the best...this set will last forever, Williams-Sonoma $50
 OK...I'm obsessed with Sugar Paper. I even had to gift myself this recipe binder. $48
Personalize it by slipping in your favorite recipes!!!

Sugar and spice and everything nice....that's what gifts are made of!!!! When in doubt, follow the person's interest and then make it unique. Write a note in the cover of a cookbook and date it. Create a "season of cookies" by selecting cookie cutters for each season, adding icing colors to coordinate.

1 part basic ingredients + 1 part creative flair + 1 part personalization and you have a recipe for a fabulous and memorable gift!


The enchanted home said...

So many good ideas...just ordered Smitten Kitchen a few days ago (for myself, lol). I love the cookie making kit for someone who likes to bake, great ideas here Elizabeth. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lobster meets Peach said...

Just love your "recipe" for a perfect gift!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Have to have the measuring spoons and cups and the recipe binder form Sugar Paper! Great ideas, Elizabeth.
Happy Friday.

quintessence said...

Great ideas!! I think I may have to get my eldest both the cookbook and and All Clad measuring tools - he has his own apartment at law school and loves to cook as does his girl friend! Happy weekend!

I Dream Of said...

Such great ideas, Elizabeth! Agree, the recipe for the best gifts combines the practicality of something that relates to the person's interests with a little creativity and a dash of personalization. These are the gifts that are the most fun to give and to get! Happy Weekend! XOXO

Marianne said...

I'm obsessed with Sugar Paper too! I could buy everything on their website!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Some terrific ideas here! I love cookbooks, and cooking and baking, especially this time of year. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

More great ideas, Elizabeth! Sugar Paper is one of my favorites but I don't have that will be on MY list this year!!!

Have a fun weekend!! xoxoxox

The Buzz Blog said...

That recipe holder would sure look better than the old manila folder we use for ours! Planning on some baking and candy making this weekend. Hope your's is sweet, too, Elizabeth.
C + C

Fashion-isha said...

Thanks for this list..I love holiday gift lists! Have a great weekend!

Stitchfork said...

Hey Elizabeth -- how about I just give you my list??!! Great picks!
Have a merry weekend as we head into December!

Stacey said...

great gift ideas! i would love the apron for myself. thanks for sharing! XX

butik busana muslim murah tanah abang said...

Love the photos!
They came out really great.
Daisy and I hope you had a great

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