Friday, October 26, 2012

Traditional Home Holiday House: Part 2

Welcome to the weekend and some additional sneak peeks of the Traditional Home Holiday House. Today is opening day!!

I'm a big believer in celebrating birthdays, so I immediately related to Suzanne Eason's room, "Origins of Life", a nod to birthdays. The design, based on the "Double Helix" DNA inspired wallpaper from Trove, creates a classically inspired study filled with objects reminding us of the ebb and flow of birth and life.
The hills came alive with the sound of....."I am sixteen going on 17" when I walked into the "Sweet Sixteen" room designed by the mother/daughter duo of Robyn and Sara Karp! Taking their inspiration for this teenage dream of a room from The Sound of Music, they created a fun, happy place that blends sophistication and whimsy.
Loving both pink and menswear inspired elements, I was immediately swept away by this jewel of a room. "Celebration of a Father" was designed by Diane Guariglia, in memory of her father, a tailor, whom she lost just 2 years ago. Incorporating a brown herringbone fabric wall covering from Phillip Jeffries and pink accents in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, this room bridges the masculine and feminine. The sewing machine and pattern templates belonged to Diane's father. 
In this auspicious "Year of the Dragon", Kentucky based designer, Lee W. Robinson, created a sophisticated party atmosphere in his space, "The Chinese New Year". Dragon motifs, fretwork, malachite wallpaper and antiquities from the Ming and Tang Dynasty made this space feel like a Chinoiserie party palace. And, I'm always drawn to Southern charm, which Lee has in spades!
LOVED these Chinoiserie inspired cocktail napkins, which Lee sourced from Anali.
Finally, I couldn't resist sharing the room that has to be the most "of the moment", "President's Day", by Donald Schermerhorn. Inspired by a traditional and historical men's study, this comfortable space was transformed with a palette of blue, olive and teal, with overlapping patterns and textures....and, of course, a nod to Presidents past. Whoever wins this coming election...I know they would be happy spending time in this cozy retreat. 
Congratulations to all of the amazing designers who were invited to participate in this year's Holiday House. Your creativity, energy, daringness and time are appreciated by all of us whom you inspire and for the cause, Breast Cancer Awareness, that you support.

Looks like Sandy, aka Frankenstorm is headed to the don't wait if you can go this weekend! I'll come away with amazing ideas!

On Monday, I'll be sharing reader photos from around the feel free to send me a photo of your autumn/Halloween/fall decor at

And remember....everyday can be a holiday! There's always something to celebrate.


The enchanted home said...

Good morning! Great that sweet 16 bedroom!! What teenage girl wouldn't feel like a modern day princess in a space like that (or a grown woman for that matter)! Love the bar and those Chippendale napkins are awesome!

I must go.....crazy with this weather, lets hope it takes a turn and doesn't hit the area head on...sounds like a monster! Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend Elizabeth!

carolyn bradford said...

Beautiful post! My favorite was the sweet 16 room…loved it! And the designers are precious! I would love to do something like that with my daughter as my partner! Thanks for all of the info and pics from all of the rooms! I feel like I was there thanks to your great posting skills!

I Dream Of said...

Yes! I totally agree, Elizabeth - every day can be a holiday and there is always something to celebrate. Thanks for the follow up sneak peek. Love seeing all the color and creativity of these spaces - but wonder what it says about me that my favorite room is the one designed with a teenager in mind! Hmmm...
Happy Weekend, hope you get all the hatches battened down in preparation for Frankenstorm! XO

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering said...

Good Morning Elizabeth! After your lovely previous post on the showhouse, I invited a friend to go with me on Monday - we were going to go see the showhouse and then have tea at the Plaza. It looks like Sandy (aka Frankenstorm) may have other plans for us! Stay safe and dry this weekend!

Privet and Holly said...

I always love show/idea
homes because they always
hold such creativity and
heart. How lucky that you
were able to attend one
under the auspices of this
lovely magazine ~ one of
my favorites. I was very
moved by the pink and brown
room, with its nod to Diane's
father and to honor BC
awareness. Thank you, by
the way, for your always
loving and kind thoughts,
especially as they relate to
my friend Kathleen.

Hugs and Happy Friday!

xo Suzanne


Love the 16 going on 17 room! SO funny, I was just singing that song yesterday! Not even sure why but I couldn't get it out of my head. Maybe I knew I was going to see this room today :)

Have a great weekend, Elizabeth! And be careful with Sandy. I'll be preparing soon. Already have a food delivery coming tomorrow morning.

And have fun at The Dutch! My friend who graduated from the FCI this summer was offered a job there. She didn't take it but I hear it's a wonderful restaurant. :) xoxo

Marianne said...

I really wished I lived close so I could visit it. Everything is so gorgeous. Thank you for taking us all on your tour! xo

Karen Albert said...

Elizabeth thank you for the tour of an oh so interesting Designer Showhouse!
Love to see differing tastes and ideas. I always come away more knowledgeable and inspired!

2012 Artists Series

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Wonderful, Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing photos from your preview. The Chinoiserie cocktail napkins are divine and so chic. And, of course I love the very gracious room by the legendary Charlotte Moss in your previous post. What a treat to tour this house. Beautiful and for a great cause.

The Buzz Blog said...

We want that Sweet 16 bedroom! Waiting for Sandy to arrive and catching up on our blogging buddies - not a bad way to spend the morning!
C + C

quintessence said...

Such a terrific showhouse. I was really impressed with all the fabulous rooms. Adored Suzanne Eason's glamorous room - such a huge fan of Trove and loved Lee's "Chinoiserie party palace" - he really packed a punch in that small space. Wonderful coverage! Stay safe!!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

It looks terrific! Thank you for sharing with us. I really want to go. Stay safe and dry!

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