Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Erika Jack - Bespoke Stationnaire

It was Love at first sight! 

Searching for some holiday gift tags, I stumbled upon Erika Jack and her stunning "print meets calligraphy" graphic design style.
After graduating from the University of Nebraska, Erika put her degrees in Interior Design and Graphic Design to use by joining a Residential design firm, that also specialized in event planning. 

Then, due to a job opportunity for her husband in Charlottesville, VA, Erika found herself in a new town looking for a job.

Her realtor, knowing her background, took her by the "shelter mag favorite" And George shop, where Erika met one of the owners, Jan Roden. Erika soon had a job working on the company's web page and designing print materials for the And George furniture line.

Every now and then, Erika would dabble in making invitations for co-owner, Christy Ford's parties. One day, Christy (whose daughter is named Tulip....not kidding!) suggested that Erika try her hand at a line of stationery....and the rest is beautifully written history.

You can find Erika's work exclusively at And George

From logos and gift tags to save the dates and wedding invitations...Erika can do it all. Look at Erika's work which was recently highlighted in Southern Living Weddings

Wanting something special that you don't see on the And George website? Contact Erika directly for custom work at
Here's what she did for me!

And, because I want to share the Love.....I'm giving away one set of Erika's "Love" gift tags
Open to followers, just leave a comment below by Saturday @ midnight.

For extra entries, tweet this or like me on Facebook. Leave a separate comment for each!
Winner announced on Monday, with a flourish! 


The enchanted home said...

I am a sucker for beautiful stationary and I am loving what I am seeing here..going to visit her site. I literally melt looking at a beautiful new line, its kind of a weird fettish, the type that will actually be inspried to have a party just because I fell in love with an invitation! Yes...strange but true....I love letterpress stationary as well, so classic and old world. Love it all! Thanks for telling us about this new talent:)

pve design said...

I too have a fondness for pretty papers and calligraphy! Thank-you for sharing and I would love to win some new stationery!

Brittany {Gallery No. Eight} said...

Lovely stationary! I love font/type based work :)

The Buzz said...

Love how simply and delightful these are and colorful, too! What a great find!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

you know i am a sucker for calligraphy. count me in! :)

The Zhush said...

Dying over these! Brilliant find Ms.PPT! WANT!

KD said...

Would LOVE these gift tags.

Olivia said...

Really beautiful calligraphy! I've made note for my next party :)

Party Resources said...

What fun! I would love a set of these tags! xx

I Dream Of said...

Hello Elizabeth! I've seen you as a frequent commenter over at PVE so thought I would pop by.. think I may have to stay awhile and go through your lovely blog. Love reading Erika's story, she's so talented!
Have a lovely week!

Gramercy Home said...

Wow! These are great. Wonderful find! Can't wait to see more.

annechovie said...

Just gorgeous! Thannk you for the tip. xx

Stitchfork said...

Oh, thank you for a dose of font-love!
xo Cathy

Alexis said...


SnOOp said...

I adore gorgeous stationary and you have put together a fantastic selection. Thank you

Amanda xxx

quintessence said...

LOVE these - so right up my alley. Always looking for beautiful tags, stationery, invites etc. What a wonderful introduction!!

Amber said...

Gorgeous, thank you for sharing this resource! I will have to look at her papers. The colors are very nice too


How gorgeous! Her work is simply stunning :)

Mona Thompson said...

Love, love her designs and pretty stationary. Isn't what she did for you just wonderful? I'm going to visit right now, and if I haven't will definitely like you on facebook. Have you liked me too? I know we like each other but have we done it on facebook? Ha!

Stacey said...

So elegant! I also love what she did for you. Thank you for the intro and how wonderful to share her work with us via a giveaway too! Fingers crossed for me:-)

Cornflakes and Honey said...

I'm shocking at calligraphy and it's so time consuming so these prints like they've hit the spot! :-)

Jaime said...

Gorgeous! nothing says elegance like fine stationary and calligraphy. Love...a single, simple, 4 letter word, has such a profound impact and always brings a smile to my face.

Style Attic said...

Love your name at the end! You look smashing is Calligraphy dah-ling :) XO If you ever have a 3rd and it's a girl...hmmmm Tulip needs to be on that list of names!!

Brigid said...

Such a love-ly giveaway! And (a good omen I hope) it was on my third wedding anniversary! Fingers crossed for that gorgeous calligraphy. Thank you! Brigid

Mocha Mistake said...

Love these! I used some of her gift tags at Christmas, but I could always use more. Greedy? Maybe. I just describe it as addicted to style.

donlisamorin1 said...

Erika and her work are absolutely lovely! For Valentine's Day, she printed a romantic poem in pink calligraphy, on beautiful paper
She's going to be very successful!
Come to Charlottesville, VA for a visit and stop at AND GEORGE where Erika's work is featured. Shopping Therapy at it's best!

Belle on Heels said...

how wonderful! i have a weakness for beautiful paper AND and george... since i'm a UVA grad. thanks for the generous giveaway!

Flournoyfrance said...

There is something new under the Sun!!! How great is that!

tricia s. said...

Love love love the tags :) And I enjoy your blog on a daily basis. I have my fingers crossed that I will win these little cuties....

Privet and Holly said...

Isn't it fun finding
talented young women
and sharing their
talents with others?
I used to live in
Charlottesville, so
can imagine what a
great spot that is for
this type of business.
She does gorgeous work!
I would LOVE to win her
beautiful tags : ) You
are so kind to spotlight
her, for us!
xx Suzanne

kristen said...

What a talented woman! Her work is just lovely.

Erika Jack said...

Thank you ALL for your sweet words! I'm so happy to be a part of PPT!
With much fondness,

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