Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pillow Talk

One of my readers, sent me an email about the pillow in this picture - she liked it and wanted more information about it.  As an excuse to visit one of my favorite home decor shops in Greenwich, HB Home, I went seeking more information for her.
I love pillows --- they make furniture more comfortable, I can use them as a lap tray and they sometimes add just the right punch to update your look. I fashion terms, it would be like buying a new necklace or scarf. Easy to change out.

My pillow was a custom order -- the background is linen and the design is embroidered. You can select from a number of thread colors and designs. Here are just a few of the design options:

The pillows are also available in a rainbow of velvets. Mix and match your color and design.

And never knowing what might catch your eye -- I snapped a few extra pictures of items that could fluff up your home.

In fact, I'm off to fluff some myself....a set of pillows came home with me. Can you guess which ones?

xo, Elizabeth


Privet and Holly said...

I love the blue and
white chrysanthemums,
{pillows on shelf}
but wonder if that
is what you chose???
The monogram ones are
truly lovely.
Looks like a wonderful
xx Suzanne

pretty pink tulips said...

Hi Suzanne- Love the blue ones, but the ones I brought home are in the pictures below the M monogram pillow!

xo Elizabeth

Stitchfork said...

Love them all especially the monograms! Personally I'd take home the green/blue/yellow designs on the white sofa. Are those the two you chose?

izzy said...

Thanks for this post. I have eyeballed that gorgeous pillow everytime I look at your blog. Were you a little crazy with the chocolate zig-zag pillows? But knowing you like pink, it's more likely the pink wave.

La Dolfina said...

I love your pillows! What a great source you found. I have the mother lode of pillows. I might need to put some in The Prop House :)
I had to stop buying them because as you said... they are just so fun.
Your living room is just gorgeous by the way :)

Elizabeth said...

absolutley gorgeous!!! thanks so much for sharing more information on this. your pillow is lovely. i want to do this in our home.

pretty pink tulips said...

Stitchfork - Love those too! But, those weren't the ones that made it home. xo Elizabeth

pretty pink tulips said...

Izzy- Ahhhhh, you know me so well. I adored the pink wave - still do. But, in a room that is already maxed out on pink - I added the bronzy gold zig zag (they have more a sheen to them than it looks in the photo) to give some zest to my cream colored sofa. I'll have to post a photo so you can see how they look with the gold sunburst mirror above them and Italian wood sconces on the side. xoxo Elizabeth

pretty pink tulips said...

Elizabeth - this post was for YOU!!!!! Hope this helped give you a better idea of all the options! xo Elizabeth

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

I too, LOVE pillows. I have to sometimes ask myself if I've gone overboard, when the first thing many people do when they come to visit is move a pillow to the side and out of their way. But no, I love them and they keep my couches occupied when no one's visiting...

Alexis said...

I may have to come out to Greenwich! That navy and green "M" pillow is perfect for me...

pretty pink tulips said...

Days --- that comment is so cute -- that they keep your sofa occupied when no one is there. How true!

Alexis -- now, you know I would love that. That's & green are your colors!

xoxo elizabeth

KD said...

Very informative! Can you offer more information about your son's upholstered day bed? I've got children's room envy... even if my kids are too young to care :)

Mona Thompson said...

I love pillows. I was going to do a pair of monogrammed pillows similar to the ones you have for chairs in my bedroom but wasn't able to find a resource available locally in time for a party we had this week. I found a pair of vintage animal print I loved instead. I should post or send you a picture. They make quite a statement and I absolutely love them.

Style Attic said...

I am totally going to have to do the navy w/ green mono now! I would have guessed the blush/cream colored treasures with the wavy lines. My husband thinks I have a pillow problem...I keep trying to tell him, it's not just me :)

My Notting Hill said...

Great monograms - I especially love the big M on the blue velvet pillow.

Karla @ {The Classy Woman} said...

Thank you so much for sharing-these designs are all stunning! I love the one you chose for your home-beautiful!

I'm with you-I adore pillows too!

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