Monday, August 24, 2015

End of Summer - Country Living

Big skies. Wide open spaces. We're winding down the summer out in the country and it's hard to know what day it is.

As many of you have returned to work, are dropping kids off at college or are getting used to new school routines, I know it's a busy time, so I'm going to take a little break until after Labor Day, as our school doesn't start until September 10th!

Here's where we've been hanging our hat.

Hat's off to the lazy days of summer....we sure have enjoyed you! And, I sure hope you've enjoyed yours!!!

See you in September!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Modern Mix by Eddie Ross & Jaithan Kochar

I am literally counting down the days until the much anticipated and already lauded book by Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar is in my hands! Modern Mix, which was highlighted in this month's House Beautiful, will no doubt become a decorating and entertaining bible for me and anyone else who wants to take the way they approach style and living and turn up the volume. Way up!
Eddie and Jaithan are blowing the dust off all those flea market finds and sharing their secrets on how to breathe new life into heirloom treasures. And, they don't stop there. 
No one...and I mean NO ONE does a table like Eddie. So, we are getting a master class with this book. I've experienced, up close, his certain brand of magic and like the most talented magician....he keeps surprising you and leaves you wondering, "How did he think of that?"
And, one of my favorite things about the style of these two gentlemen bon vivants is that stylish never means stuffy. Ever. There's always a wink involved.
And, lucky for us, as a little teaser prior to the book coming out on September 1st, they have recently updated their website and it is chock full of visual gems.

Just be might be on it for hours! Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Gift of Scent - Nest Fragrances

Certain scents can transport us. Calm us. Revive us. Soothe us. 

I've been a long time fan of Nest Frangrances, especially their Holiday candles, so it was a complete treat to be invited to tag along to an event that owner, Laura Slatkin, hosted at her NYC home on Monday night. Primarily as a thank you to current retailers, this year they also included prospective buyers, as the New York Gift Show is currently happening.

With a range of fragrances that are sure to please anyone, they are constantly rolling out new ones and the one that really caught my nose was Hearth. Contained in the Holiday Collection, it is packaged in a faux bois style and will pair nicely with Holiday or Birch or as a stand alone starting in the Fall.
Another "new" item that caught my eye are these silver accompaniments for their candles…the lid/stand and the matchbox. With the base price of $38 for their classic candle, these make a nice compliment if you are giving one as a gift.

And, from what I can tell, the folks at Nest Fragrances are on fire!

What's your favorite scent? 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to School Organization for YOU

Hooray….it's almost time for the kids to go back to school!! Don't get me wrong…I L-O-V-E Summer. The lazy days. The warmth. Time outside. But, at some point, it's time to get back to business and that means getting my boys back to school and all of us into a routine. 
In addition to getting my boys' their school supplies, I've decided it's time to refresh my own desk and get a little more organized. Back to School is more of an attitude than an actual event to me. 

First off, loving these brand new stationery sets by Jennifer Vallez for Sugar Paper. They are just begging to be written on and sent in the mail. 
Additionally, the sweet folks at Sugar Paper just created their own line of brass desk accessories. Like bling for your workspace.
One of my favorite bloggers turned entrepreneur is Meg Biram. She has dedicated herself to the field of organization and productivity and has developed her own line of GSD (Get Stuff* Done) tools. *That's how this nice Southern gal says it.
This simple little post it pad forces you to pick your Top 3 most important things to do today. Love that. Narrow it down and GET IT DONE!
For those of you lucky enough to have a few more weeks of Summer….just circle back to this when you're ready to focus, but for those of you who have kids starting school today…enjoy! 

You might get a few more things done today!

images: Waiting on Martha (pennant available there), Rustic White for Waiting on Martha, Meg Biram, Sugar Paper

Friday, August 14, 2015

Table No. 1 - Nantucket

There's a new spot in Nantucket, right on the wharf. 

Table No. 1, opened by Sarah Powers, is a more than a wine and cheese shop - though it offers plenty of both - it is a gathering spot. They'll set you up for a tasting or load you up for a party. And, from the looks of their cheese trays, I might just make it dinner.

The name is a reference to an evening where the Powers clan had a less than desirable table number (#83) at a wedding. Grumbling about their location, their father reminded them, that wherever they were gathered together was actually Table No. 1. Cheers to that!
So wherever you find yourself this weekend, remember that it is your Table No. 1 and celebrate accordingly!
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